Public Buses

We have a reasonably good public bus system. There are eleven bus routes and eight different coloured circles on the front and rear with a route number in the middle, with ‘Public Bus’ written along the side.

Be sure to check if the bus is en route to your destination before getting in. All routes run to and from the bus depot in central George Town, where there is a Public Transport Inspector on duty from 7am-7pm Monday-Friday (except for public holidays) to supervise all bus operations. There are a few designated bus stops on the Island, but the best way to catch a bus is to simply wave one down from the side of the road. If you hear a bus beeping as you, it is the driver checking to see if you need to be picked up. Most buses carry between 14-29 passengers. The average fare is CI$2 per journey or CI$3.50 if you take a long trip like George Town to East End or North Side. Anywhere beyond Hutland Road, such as Rum Point and Cayman Kai, will cost CI$5. The best routes for buses are on the main roads around retail areas and non-residential areas. But there are also regular scheduled buses which run along South Church Street, South Sound Road, Walkers Road, Fairbanks Road and the Industrial Park, Owen Roberts Drive (airport area).

There have been reports and complaints that buses will go to Bodden Town and Frank Sound (from GT) on a regular basis but will often turn around and drive back to town rather than complete their route around to North Side and East End, especially if their bus is empty. This means that if you are relying on catching a bus in North Side and East End to take you to George Town, particularly in the afternoon, then you might not be in luck!

Cayman Public Bus Times (Approximate)

Monday–Thursday 6am–11pm
Friday and Saturday 6am–1am
A limited service operates on Sundays

Full Map of Cayman Bus Routes 2019