Aerial view of windsor village in south sound cayman islands

Neighbourhoods of the Cayman Islands

Learn all about the neighbourhoods and districts within Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Much like a big city, each neighbourhood and borough in the Cayman Islands has its unique qualities, quirks and characteristics. Read on for an explanation of residential areas not only in Grand Cayman, but in the Sister Islands too.

Grand Cayman

Being the largest of the three islands, Grand Cayman has great areas to discover – from living luxuriously on the beach to a quaint canal front condo, Grand Cayman may surprise you with its unique residential options.

WestEnd StakeBay Eastern Districts The Bluff

Cayman Brac keyboard_arrow_right

The most easterly of the Cayman Islands, the Brac, is about 12 miles in length and just over a mile in width. Early Scottish fishermen who settled here gave the Island its name.

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West End

In Cayman Brac’s West End you will find the airport, two grocery stores, a gas station and couple of condo complexes in this area. Hence, the north shore of the West End has the highest population of residents on the Island. The famous Russian wreck dive, renamed M.V. Capt. Keith Tibbetts, lies just offshore.

Stake Bay

On the north side, Stake Bay roughly refers to the middle section of the Island. Stake Bay is the capital of the Island and is where you will find the main Government building, the hospital, the museum, a grocery store and the Island’s only high school – the highly respected Layman E. Scott Sr. High School.

The Bluff

The Island’s gentle ascent eventually leads to the limestone cliffs which are its namesake. A lighthouse crowns the 150ft tall seaside edge of the bluff, providing beautiful ocean views. The birds circling overhead may eventually lead you back inland to the ancient woodlands of the Brac Parrot Reserve.

Eastern Districts

Continue east to Watering Place, Creek and Spot Bay and you’ll find a true Cayman Brac welcome. “Mom and Pop” stores and small local restaurants showcase authentic souvenirs and traditional Caymanian fare. The Cayman Brac Heritage House is located between Creek and Spot Bay and compliments the Cayman Brac Museum.

Bloody Bay BlossomVillage South HoleSound EastPoint

Little Cayman keyboard_arrow_right

Little Cayman is truly little. Ten miles in length and one in width, it harbours a permanent population of fewer than 200.

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Bloody Bay

Often described as one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the diving world. The drop off starts at 8ft and extends down to 1,000ft, and with outstanding visibility divers will see incredible coral formations and marine life that varies from schools of tropical fish, large groupers and even the occasional reef shark.

Blossom Village

A tiny village which features the airport, the general store, water sport shop and the Little Cayman Beach Resort. There is also a small community park with a children’s play area.

South Hole Sound

From South Hole you can kayak, boat or even swim to Owen Island, a tiny uninhabited islet, surrounded by white sand and the clearest blue water. The area is also home to the National Trust’s Booby Pond Nature Reserve; a 200-acre site of international importance. 20,000 Boobies breed here, as does a large colony of magnificent frigates.

Accommodating options include Paradise Villas, Southern Cross Club, Pirates Point Resort, Little Cayman Beach Resort and The Conch Club.

East Point

Heading up the road away from South Hole, the Island becomes more and more of a deserted paradise. South Hole Sound is at the border of the two areas, and the beautiful South Shore provides stunning views on the way to Point of Sand at the eastern end of the Island, where you can gaze across the water towards Cayman Brac.