Healthcare Services & Hospitals

While Cayman has fully equipped hospitals and top rated healthcare, certain medical conditions are still better treated overseas - keep reading to review the local hospital and healthcare options and some overseas hospitals that we recommend.

In support of all the excellent healthcare available in Cayman, there are numerous health-oriented associations and support groups that promote awareness and raise funds for equipment and tests. (See the Support Groups page and Clubs and Organisations page for more information on these organisations, all of which are often looking for support and volunteers.)

Local Hospitals

Grand Cayman has three fully equipped hospitals: Cayman Islands Hospital, CTMH Doctors Hospital, and Health City Cayman Islands. Cayman Brac is home to Faith Hospital. Incredibly, there are approximately 4.5 doctors, and 6.3 nurses for every 1000 people residing in the Cayman Islands.

Overseas Hospitals

Cayman Islands residents may be referred to overseas hospitals and other facilities for specific medical procedures that are either unavailable or not commonly performed on-Island. Premature babies, people visiting specialists or having complicated surgery, as well as those injured in a bad accident, are often airlifted to the United States for treatment.

Health Services Authority

The following District Health Centres are operated by the Health Services Authority to provide general practice, child health and primary healthcare services. They accept most forms of payment, as well as local insurance, however, if you have overseas insurance, you will be required to pay the full amount of the service up front and the clinic will provide you with documentation to make your own claim from your overseas provider.


Cayman has the latest equipment and fully qualified clinical professionals who perform the full range of medical tests.

Pharmacies in Cayman

Pharmacies are well-stocked, open convenient hours and have informed and helpful pharmacists, who not only dispense medications, but are happy to review medicines for safety and efficacy, as well as provide additional drug information.

Diagnostic Imaging

We are fortunate to have three state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging facilities in the Cayman Islands.

Medical Supplies & Equipment

Home health care items are easy to find at the pharmacies on-Island and lease equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, crutches and scooters is also available. THERABAND & BIOFREEZE products, KINESIO Tape, Quadrastep custom fitted orthotics are also obtainable locally.