Finding Jobs in Cayman

There are numerous ways of getting jobs in the Cayman Islands. Employment opportunities are available in the Cayman Islands however, whether you live here in Cayman or reside overseas, you need to know where to look for prospects if you want to be successful.

Overseas Job Seekers

Most companies in Cayman receive a continuous barrage of  overseas applications from people looking for jobs in the Cayman Islands, but very few are deemed to be genuine.

The minefield of applying for employment on the Island is further complicated by the requirement to advertise any position prior to a work permit application or annual renewal. A flick through the local classifieds may give a misleading picture of the job market. Employers are discouraged from giving any indication that the position may be a work permit renewal, as this can discourage local applicants. With just under 26,000 work permits in issue as of February 2018, many apparent vacancies will actually turn out to be for a prospective work permit application or renewal.

This makes trying to find a position by reading employment classifieds something of a needle-in-a-haystack. For most job-seekers, responding to such ads should only be a part of a more proactive, direct strategy. The most effective approach to finding good employment depends on what type of role you are suited for and how soon you wish to relocate.

A good place to start is with one of the recruitment agencies that are based in Cayman. See our Recruitment and Employment Agencies section for more information.

Caymanian Job Seekers

If you are an educated or skilled Caymanian, you should have an advantage in this job market, particularly in certain sectors such as the financial services. For those experiencing difficulty finding employment or needing to “up-skill”, the Government runs the Ready2Work programme that is designed to support employers as they make efforts to employ Caymanians, and it supports Caymanian job seekers as they seek to gain and maintain employment. While employers focus on the development of skills and expertise, the Ready2Work KY team is on hand to deliver services designed to address any barriers to employment.

Cayman’s Chamber of Commerce supports this programme and believes it is a rewarding initiative that will benefit local job seekers and businesses and greatly enrich the community. So if you are a potential employee who would like to participate in Ready2Work KY contact (345) 945 3114 or email:

In addition to contacting any of the local recruitment agencies on Grand Cayman for assistance in finding a job, Caymanian job seekers can also register with the National Workforce Development Agency.  This agency can help with job training and career assessment. They also provide other job related services and are a great resource for the types of jobs available on the Island.

Financial Services Professionals

Many positions exist for professionally qualified accountants, particularly those with investment or insurance industry experience (but this is by no means essential). The Cayman Islands also recognises most Commonwealth and international accounting designations.

Click ‘Read More’ below for a complete list of the accounting and audit firms in the Cayman Islands.

Other Skills & Professions

For those with qualifications, skills or ambitions not related to financial services, finding solid employment may require more research and legwork.

Most reputable recruitment agencies will be able to point you in the right direction and some may have vacancies within your field, so it will be a matter of researching those agencies that may be able to help you.