Other Skills & Professions

For those with qualifications, skills or ambitions not related to financial or legal services, finding good employment may require more research and legwork. Most reputable recruitment agencies will be able to point you in the right direction and some may have vacancies within your field, so it will be a matter of researching those agencies that may be able to help you.

If you are Caymanian, a Permanent Resident or currently on a work permit, you can register with the National Workforce Development Agency (NWDA) (Tel: (345) 945 3114 or www.nwda.gov.ky) to access their database of jobs. Employers from top firms have access to this database and regularly post job listings on this online system. The NWDA has a Career Assessment Centre and also provides free career counselling and training to Caymanians.

Also, use the internet or Yellow Pages to make a list of potential employers and write to them enclosing your resumé. For your cover letter, remember to include when you will be available to work, your skills, qualifications and your marital status and partner’s occupation (if you are a non-Caymanian who is married to a Caymanian). Some Cayman employers will also be interested to know if you currently reside in Cayman and if not, you should be prepared to have a convincing case for moving and being committed to your potential employer. Most employers will not reply unless they have a suitable vacancy. It is good practice to follow up with a call to their Human Resource Manager to confirm receipt and enquire as to any current vacancies available.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and a few years of office experience, you may want to consider office temping. This is a good way to make friends and contacts when you first arrive, which can prove to be invaluable in the search for employment. Because you will be tied to the temping agency for the duration of your contract and work permit, you should do as much research as possible on prospective employers before signing up. A good agency will be able to provide references from current and past staff-members, together with contact details, which will allow you to confirm their authenticity yourself. For other specific industries the situation is as follows:


Management positions are usually hired from overseas simply because there are not enough qualified Caymanians to fill these posts. We recommend that you find a list of local construction companies in the Yellow Pages and contact them directly. When a position becomes available, these companies tend to go through the resumés on file to see if someone is qualified for the position.

The construction industry in Cayman is booming and companies have started working more closely with local recruitment agencies in addition to their direct sourcing of candidates.

CI Government Jobs

When it comes to applying for government jobs, the Cayman Islands’ Government prefers job seekers to submit a completed official application form, a resumé and a cover letter. While the service (like any other country) prefers to hire their own citizens, there are quite a number of expatriates working within the civil service.

See the government recruitment page for a list of current jobs available within in the Cayman Islands Government.

Electricians and Plumbers

Legally, all electrical and plumbing workers require a local licence to work in the ­Cayman Islands.

Plumbers are licensed by the Plumber’s Examination Board and should contact the Planning Department about specifics of the process. Information can be found on www.planning.ky.

Electricians must satisfy the CI Electrical Board of Examiners that their qualifications meet the requirements of the Electricity Regulations. Call the Planning Department on (345) 244 6501 for more information.

In all cases, a certified copy of your licence, trade references and a recommendation  from the jurisdiction you are seeking to transfer from must be submitted along with your application. You will not receive a work permit until you have completed this process. Qualified MEP workers should contact local MEP companies directly to see if there are any vacancies. These companies can be found in the local Yellow Pages.

Grocery Store Positions

Foster’s Supermarket has several locations and you can reach the HR department via email: [email protected] or their website. Submit an application at www.fosters-iga.com/about/careers.

For Kirk Market, you can visit the careers page of their website and see what positions they have vacancies in.

For those seeking employment at Hurley’s, you can view job vacancies on their website www.hurleys.ky/jobs or email: [email protected].

Hospitality Industry Jobs

Hotels and restaurants usually hire in September and October to fill positions in time for high season, which starts in December.

Visit the Good Taste website at www.caymangoodtaste.com to contact the restaurants of your choice. It is recommended that you mail your resumé directly to specific restaurants and those that are interested will call to interview you over the phone.

Seasonal permits for six or eight months are easily obtainable.

IT Jobs

There is increasing demand for expats in IT positions as the tech industry continues its steady growth on the Island. With the expansion of Cayman Enterprise City and the need for expertise within areas such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Cyber-Security, organisations are having to look further afield to find the specialist skillsets needed. There is also an increased number of positions available in the software development and network administration fields in addition to project management and business analyst roles.

These positions are often advertised by, and filled through, employment agencies.

Teaching Positions

Teaching positions in private schools regularly come up. See the Education section and apply to various schools directly.

Teaching and Education jobs in the Government schools are advertised on the Ministry of Education’s website, between December and February every year. The application form is available on the website. You can also email: [email protected] with questions or applications and the HR services team will usually respond to your enquiry within two weeks. This department is also responsible for the recruitment of all jobs within the Ministry of Education, so positions other than teaching are available throughout the year.

Employment contracts are generally two-years in length and include a range of benefits. Further contracts are often offered, subject to an annual performance process.

Health/Medical Field Jobs

Medical professionals fully registered in Australia, Canada, Jamaica, the UK, New Zealand, South Africa and the US may be eligible to practice in the Cayman Islands once they have become registered with the appropriate Council.

Office Support Staff

There is a high demand for corporate administrators, legal secretaries, trust officers and compliance administrators in support roles and these positions are generally filled by employment agencies. An employment agency will often hold a six-month work permit for you that will then turn into a full-time position with a company you have temped for. There are a few Personal Assistant positions, but these positions are generally filled by Caymanians. Support staff in accounting firms also tend to be local.

Luxury Retail Jobs

The major recruiters in the retail field are Island Companies and Kirk Freeport. Both would be happy for you to contact them directly; you can email Island Companies at [email protected] and Kirk Freeport via [email protected].

Sales Job

Sales jobs in Cayman usually have a commission-based component and consequently Caymanians tend to avoid these jobs. The best way to find a sales position is to make a few phone calls from your home country, introduce yourself and then send your resumé.

Telecommunications Jobs

Staff are most often hired locally and promoted from within the particular business. Some jobs do occasionally become available and in these cases, recruitment is done through employment agencies. See the Telecommunications and Internet page for a list of the telecommunication companies in Cayman.

Other Employers

Dart Enterprises and Caribbean Utilities Company are large companies that may be seeking motivated employees.

Dart Enterprises is the holding company for a portfolio of companies. Based in Grand Cayman, the company has a global reach with investments around the world and its holdings include real estate, development, property management, retail, finance and technology. Visit careers.dart.ky for all the current vacancies and recruitment information.

 Caribbean Utilities Company (CUC), the local electricity company, hires most of its staff locally. They are very pro-Caymanian and will always look to promote from within the organisation. If any jobs do become available, it is usually in the very technical field. If you have the appropriate technical skills, you may email your resumé to [email protected] or visit www.cuc-cayman.com and go to Careers.