Setting Up an Office

In this section we provide information on setting up an office and fitting it out with everything from office furniture, networking solutions to telephone and internet service, as well as options for professional training.

The length of time required for setting up an office depends on the finished condition of the space and how closely this meets your requirements. The simplest of offices can be set up in as little as 4 to 8 weeks, however, most offices do not come together this quickly.

By the time a design has been finalised, interior finishes have been chosen, furniture ordered, IT systems specified and work permits and licences granted, you should expect about four to six months to have passed. It should also be noted that tenants may be required to submit fit-out plans to the Planning Department for building code approval in advance.

Office Space Planning & Design

The Cayman Islands has architectural firms with qualified interior architects and designers specializing in corporate interiors, many with extensive international experience. In the progressive climate of today’s global business world, creating a successful and enduring corporate workplace goes well beyond merely designing beautiful spaces.

Costs To Prepare Office Space

Cost depends on a number of factors, including the existing condition of the space and the quality of the final product you desire. Well-fitted existing office space in need of reconfiguration, with partitioned walls and internal offices, a suspended ceiling, fluorescent lighting, air conditioning and power grid already in place, may be prepared for as little as US$50 per sq ft. Finding such spaces has become significantly easier and it would be safe to say there is now an abundance of older properties available.

New office space with only perimeter walls, one to two-hour fire rating separation walls and an air conditioning unit with an electrical panel sufficient for the tenants’ requirements, can be found and you may likely spend around US$120-US$200 per sq ft to prepare it to a reasonably high quality fit-out. Some landlords in Cayman will offer a standard fit-out package, or even a fit-out allowance, in the region of US$20-US$40 per sq ft depending on the location. In fact, some landlords in older buildings are offering full fit-outs at no cost to the tenant to attract quality tenants.

Fitting Out Your Office

Are you fitting out a new office in Cayman? The process can be exhausting but luckily, you have the ‘Cayman Resident‘ to help point you in the right direction. Read on to find out who to call to get you started so you can painlessly complete your office fit-out as quickly and cost-effectively as possible!