Visas and Passports

In this section we give detailed information on the complicated process of obtaining passports and visas on the Cayman Islands. From first passports for newborns to obtaining/renewing a passport for yourself or your children, we try to explain the process in a way that makes it seem a bit less daunting. We also discuss how to get a US visa if you are the holder of a non American passport and how Jamaicans can get a visa to travel to the Cayman Islands.

Visitors / Tourists

We are often asked how many days a visitor can stay in the Cayman Islands. Under the law, a person that has no other basis to enter the Cayman Islands (i.e. a Work Permit) or no right to residence may be admitted as visitors for up to a total of six months. An extensions is permissible thereafter. However, the reality (except for residential property owners) is very different!


Nationals of the USA, Canada, the UK and most countries within the British Commonwealth do not require visas to enter the Cayman Islands. Citizens of Jamaica, Honduras and the Philippines, for example, do. Check the Visa section of to see if you need one. It is strongly advised that residents of the Cayman Islands obtain a US visa from the US Consulate in Kingston, Jamaica if they do not have a valid British passport and ESTA. For more information regarding traveling outside the Cayman Islands, please visit our Important Travel Requirements page where we discuss the countries that are eligible to apply for a U.S. Visa Waiver (also known as ESTA) plus lots more!


Obtaining a passport in the Cayman Islands can be a protracted process if you don’t know what to do or where to look for help. But don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Cayman Resident will help you navigate this sometimes bureaucratic process by providing you over 12 different telephone numbers and addresses of the various consulars (country representatives) on Grand Cayman as well as how apply, renew or replace major passports from around the world plus a whole lot more.