Importing Pets

This section gives you detailed information about importing pets into the Cayman Islands including current regulations and laws, restrictions on importing pets from various countries and the limitations on importing specific breeds of dogs, plus insider tips on making the process easier.

See the Pets section for more information on looking after your pet in Cayman, including a list of Veterinarians, Dog Trainers, Pet groomers and Kennels & Pet sitting. You’ll also find information on how to obtain a pet passport.


The process for importing animals into Cayman is a lengthy one. You will need to start planning at least six months prior to shipment. The Cayman Islands are Rabies free and to keep this deadly disease out no import exceptions will be made by the Government.

Pets Entering from the UK or the US

There are specific guidelines and processes to follow for pets entering from the UK or USA. Read on to find out who you should contact when you are thinking about relocating your pet.

Pets Entering from Jamaica

There is an additional set of requirements for dogs and cats entering the Cayman Islands from Jamaica.

Importing Captive Birds

All captive birds must be accompanied by an Import Permit issued by the Department of Agriculture.


In accordance with the Animals Law (2013 Revision), no animal of any description may be directly imported into the Cayman Islands from any country on the DOA restriction list and certain dog breeds are also restricted.

Animals on Airlines

Some airlines do not allow in the passenger cabin and over the summer months, many airlines will not take pets due to the high heat in the hold.

Travel Instructions & Advice for Pet Owners

All animals, no matter what size, must travel in a leak proof, International Air Transport Association specification carrier.

Pet Relocation Services

There are several companies who can manage the process for you when importing a pet into Cayman.