Foreign Consulars in the Cayman Islands

Travel has become an increasingly stressful experience, with certain countries tightening their travel requirements and others changing their immigration rules. Therefore it is very important for you to have valid travel documents (i.e. passport, visa, waiver or identification card) before traveling to that exotic locale or even back home. The Cayman Resident strongly recommends that you speak to someone in the know.

The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory not a sovereign nation, therefore there are no foreign consulates located in this country. However, there are Consulars authorised by certain countries to provide you with guidance if you are applying for a passport or visitor’s visa. A consular may also provide their fellow nationals residing or visiting the Cayman Islands with important travel advice during a national emergency such as a hurricane.

The Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs of the Cayman Islands Government and the Office of the Governor have assembled contact details for the consular representatives of the following countries:

Martin Richter, Tel: (345) 916 6622
Email: [email protected]

Wingrove Hunte, Tel: (345) 926 8303
Email: [email protected]

Giorgio Subiotto, Tel: (345) 949 9876
Email: [email protected]

Mrs Guylaine Pomerleau, Tel: (345) 949 9400(Senior Consular Officer)
Email: [email protected]

Sebastian Guilbard, Te: (345) 326 1014
Email: [email protected]

Germany – none at this time
Embassy of the Federal Republic of German
10 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10, PO Box 444, Jamaica
Tel: +1 (876) 631 7935 or +1 (876) 926 6728

Miguel Molina-Brown, Tel: (345) 923 4723
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Krishna Mani, Tel: (345) 945 1565 or (345) 928 4681
Email: [email protected]

Dr. Joseph Marzouca, Tel:  (345) 949 9526
Email: [email protected]
The office is located at the 342A Dot Com Centre, Dorcy Drive. Passport renewal time takes two to three weeks.

Arturo Ursua, Tel: (345) 925 8279
Email: [email protected]

Garth Arch, Tel: (345) 949 2400 or 525 5603
Email: [email protected]

Peter Schmid, Tel: (345) 326 4385
Email: [email protected]

United Kingdom
Her Excellency the Governor, Emergencies: (345) 325 2465
Email: [email protected]
For consular information contact Tom Hines, Staff Officer to His Excellency the Governor.

United States
Gary Montemayor, Tel: (345) 945 8173
Emergencies: (345) 328 0033
Email: [email protected]

*Please note that immigration professionals in the Cayman Islands are always on hand to provide you with fast, responsive support if you require advice about Caymanian residency or a local immigration matter.