Learn to Kitesurf with Kitesurf Cayman

Available at: Kitesurf Cayman
Price: CI$210-CI$820


Learn to Kite by Using our Step by Step System!

Everyone learns at a different pace! At Kitesurf Cayman, we teach using a step by step system which allows for the student to progress quickly. If you are not a quick learner, that is OK! We will go at your pace.


- Try Kitesurfing: 1 lesson (2 hours) - CI$210 per person (resident price).

- 4 Lessons Package: If you are really interested in kitesurfing, you can book 4 lessons (8 hours in total) for CI$820.

When you arrive for your lesson, you will meet your instructor and suit up into your kite gear. You will then learn how to set up a kite, use the kite's safety system and fly a trainer kite on land. Once this is complete, you and your instructor will proceed with your lesson on a full size kite in the water.


  • No special skills required
  • Takes place just 10 minutes from Seven Mile Beach
  • 10+ years of kitesurfing teaching experience

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Kitesurf Cayman

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