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Gift Certificate - Bioluminescent Electric Boat Tour

Available at: Cayman Kayaks
Price: $65


Aboard the Nightshift, you will cruise to the bioluminescent bay under a beautiful night sky on Cayman Kayaks new and improved ELECTRIC BOAT! From the top deck of the electric boat, be dazzled by a sky full of stars. Our skilled Naturalist will use a laser pointer to guide you through the constellations, planets, giant red stars, nebulas, star clusters and even galaxies! Stargazing is a great way to experience nature, explore science, and ponder history. Once anchored in the bioluminescent bay, steps will lead you to a dark room where the magic continues. You will take a seat on the observation deck, which is low to the surface of the water, so your hands and feet are able to reach to swirl around in the glowing water. Come experience the wonder and mystery of bioluminescence for yourself on Nightshift… a one of a kind electric boat for a one of a kind tour!

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