What to Bring/What Not to Bring

Given the cost of shipping your personal effects to Cayman, it is important to carefully consider what to bring and what not to bring with you, particularly if you do not know in what type of house or apartment you will be living in.

Here are some basic guidelines to assist you in deciding what to bring to Cayman:


In Grand Cayman there is a reasonable selection of stores, but certainly not as many as in a large city and the prices will likely be more expensive than you are used to. Bring a reasonable amount of warm weather appropriate clothes and shoes with you. You may need a light sweater if you will be working in an air conditioned building or when we are hit with a cold front. Bring a raincoat for the rainy season.

See the Clothing Stores page for more information.

Computers, Smart Phones & Tablets

Laptops, smart phones and tablets/iPads are dutiable if they were recently purchased overseas. If you are travelling to and from Grand Cayman with electronic devices you can register them so you are able to prove to Customs that these devices have not just been purchased abroad. Visit www.customs.gov.ky. See the Shopping chapter for details on where to buy electronic goods locally.

See the Electronics & Cameras page for details on where to purchase electronic goods.

Appliances & Entertainment Systems

Cayman runs on the same electricity system as the US (110/115v), but uses a 3-pin plug. However, the US 2-pin plug will work.

Importing Food

Small quantities of meat and seafood can be imported as long as it is for personal use only.

Furniture, Lighting & Appliances

Generally rented condos or homes come with all the basic furnishing, lights and appliances needed. If you’re buying a house or apartment, they will also usually come fully furnished, unless they have been newly built.


It is possible to import a firearm or your firearms collection to the Island, however, the Cayman Islands has very strict laws on the possession of unregistered firearms.

Kitchen Appliances

Most rental apartments come with appliances such as a washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and oven. A fully furnished apartment should also come with a toaster, kettle and coffee maker but if they don’t, then the local home centres stock these items. Check with your landlord beforehand so you know what will be included.


Be sure to pack at least a month’s supply of medication that needs to be taken daily while you sort out your on-Island healthcare. Most medicines are available on Grand Cayman, although they may be sold under another brand name. Ask your General Practitioner for the generic names of prescription drugs. See here for a list of pharmacies.


Cayman uses the American NTSC system. The British PAL system will not work here. However, you can buy multi-region DVD players on the Island which will play European DVDs. The majority of apartments or homes will come with a television and either cable or satellite feed. Many residents watch subscription based TV services such as Netflix or Amazon TV through their television. View the Television page more more details on TV services available in the Cayman Islands.


Individuals can bring a maximum of four litres of wine in their luggage. If you want to import your wine collection from home you must bring it in through a company that has a liquor licence. Regardless of the value of your wine on the open market, the Cayman Islands Government charges the following duty per litre of wine: CI$10.80 for Champagne, CI$7.80 for sparkling wine, CI$3.60 for table wine and CI$5.25 for dessert wine.