Visitors, Work Permits (Full & Temporary), Permanent Residency, Caymanian Status, Student Visas, Special Economic Zone, Extending Your Stay

Visas and Passports

International Passport Processing (US, UK, Canadian, Australian Passports), Visitor Visas, Passports for Baby

Cost of Living in Cayman

Cost of Living Breakdown, Monthly Average Expenses - Rent, Motor Vehicle, Water, Electricity, Cable & Internet

Moving Considerations

Gateways to Cayman, Cost of Flights and Flying Time, Relocation Services, Things to know Before Signing your Contract

What to Bring/What Not to Bring

Clothing, Computers - Desktops, Laptops, Smart Phones & Tablets, Clothing, Furniture/Appliances, Guns

Shipping to Cayman & Duty Costs

Cayman & Miami Based Freight Forwarders, International Packers & Movers, Shipping by Air/Sea, Duty, Customs Clearance

Importing Pets

Regulations, Restrictions, Pets entering from the UK, US and Jamaica, Animals on Airlines, Travel Insuructions, Pet Relocation Services.

Domicile, Tax Status, Advice (US & UK)

US & UK Domicile, Tax Status, Tax Advice, US Taxation of US Citizens living abroad, Residence Tests, Deemed Domicile