Getting Married

Cayman offers a superb location with picturesque views, pristine beaches, wonderful weather, great venues and plenty of professionals to help you organise your big day. Getting married in Cayman is also an easy process, allowing you to completely concentrate on enjoying your magical day on one of the most romantic destinations on the planet.


Please note the minimum age to get married in the Cayman Islands is 16; however, anyone under 18 must have the written consent from their parent or guardian. Weddings must take place between the hours of 6am and 8pm. Also, according to liquor licensing laws, if you get married on a Sunday (on liquor-licensed premises), then no live music can be played. Civil unions between two men or two women are not legal in the Cayman Islands at the present time.

There are two very different processes for getting married in the Cayman Islands, depending on whether you are a resident or a visitor to the Island.

Residents must have their Banns of Marriage published by their Wedding Celebrant for seven days before the wedding can take place.

Visitors must be married under the authority of the Governor’s Special Marriage Licence and the wedding cannot take place until it has been processed by the Department of Immigration (WORC) office and colleced by either the wedding couple or the wedding celebrant.

If one party to the marriage is a resident and the other party is a visitor, then the couple must be married by Banns. The resident party can apply for the Banns to be published before the visiting party arrives. Banns of Marriage are valid for three months from the date of publication.

For more information on marrying in Cayman see the Cayman Islands Government’s website at
If you would like to get married on either Cayman Brac or Little Cayman then visit for more information on licences and wedding services.

Visitors Marrying in the Cayman Islands

Getting married in Cayman is an easy process. Couples looking to get married in Cayman must be married under the authority of the Governor’s non-residents marriage licence (Special Marriage Licence), which should be arranged before you arrive on-Island.

Residents Marrying in Cayman

The process for residents marrying in the Cayman Islands is fairly simple. After you have selected your wedding celebrant (a Civil Registrar/Marriage Officer), during your first consultation they will tell you the required forms that you will need to fill out and steps that you need to take.

Planning your Wedding

Most residents get married on Saturdays, which means you should book early to secure the date with your wedding celebrant. You will have to have a preliminary interview with your wedding celebrant and complete a form called a ‘Notice of Marriage/ Banns’, which is valid for three months. When you attend the interview, you will need to take your passports and proof of your immigration status (e.g. work permit, residency certificate, etc.), if applicable.

Once You Are Married

Immediately after you are pronounced husband and wife, you and your spouse, along with your Civil Registrar/Marriage Officer and two witnesses (aged 18 or older), must sign three certified copies of the Marriage Register.