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Christmas Decorations!

Available at: Vigoro (Agricola)
Price: $1-$50


You can buy these decorations from both of our locations: Walkers Road and Agricola Drive.

Come to VIGORO this Christmas season to browse our beautiful collection of Christmas decor! At VIGORO we have a variety of Christmas decorations, from tree decorations, to sea life, to elves, and from peacocks to baubles. We also have reindeer, owls, and more.

VIGORO has everything you need to decorate your home or to gift to friends and family. Both VIGORO’s garden centres (Walkers Road in George Town and Agricola Drive in Lower Valley) will be open until 6pm on Christmas Eve. Agricola is also open every Sunday from 11am-5pm. Shop VIGORO for plants, blooms, trees, ceramic pots, ornamentals and an exceptional and variable gift collection.


  • Baubles & Ornaments
  • Reindeer & Elves
  • Affordable Prices
  • Ornamentals & Gifts
  • Plants, Blooms & Trees
  • Ceramic Pots

Where to Buy

Vigoro Square Logo

Vigoro (Agricola)

96 Agricola Drive Savannah, Cayman Islands


Monday - Friday - 8am-6pm
Saturday - 7.30am-6pm
Sunday - 11am-5pm (at Agricola Drive only)

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