Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Cayman Resident we get asked a ton of questions ranging from 'how do I get a job on Cayman?' to 'how do I live on a Caribbean island?'. To our loyal readers, we have heard your questions, answered your queries, and here, we list some of the most common (and creative!) inquisitions.

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FAQ: Finding a Job

‘How to find a job in the Cayman’ tops the list as the most common question we get asked at ‘Cayman Resident’… and understandably so! Seems only ‘fair’ that one must jump through certain hoops for the luxury of island living, and Cayman, much like other islands, has its fair share of hurdles. But don’t fret – read on to find out what’s needed to ensure that move to paradise… and have a secure job upon arrival.

FAQ: What is the Cost of Living in Cayman

Cayman Resident has thoroughly researched the cost of living in Cayman. And no, paradise isn’t cheap, but certain costs are in fact comparable to North America, while others are a bit less than what you would spend in the UK.