Caymanian Job Seekers

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If you are an educated or skilled Caymanian, you should have an advantage in this job market, particularly in certain sectors such as the financial services.

In addition to contacting any of the local recruitment agencies on Grand Cayman for assistance in finding a job, Caymanian job seekers can also register with the National Workforce Development Agency.  This agency can help with job training and career assessment. They also provide other job related services and are a great resource for the types of jobs available on the Island.

Ready2Work KY

The Ready2Work KY programme is designed to support employers as they make efforts to employ Caymanians, and support Caymanians as they seek to gain and maintain employment. While employers focus on the development of technical and subject matter skills and expertise, the Ready2Work KY team is on hand and ready to deliver services designed to address any barriers to employment.

If you would like to participate in Ready2Work KY, contact (345) 945 3114, email: [email protected] or visit