Animals on Airlines

Some airlines do not allow your animals on-board and over the summer months, many airlines will not take pets due to the high heat in the hold.

You are required to take the most direct route possible and preferably on an evening flight. You should avoid countries that are not deemed rabies free to help make the whole process easier.

Cayman Airways accepts domestic dogs, cats and household birds. The maximum weight allowed to travel is 99lbs (this is the total weight of the pet plus carrier). They charge US$100 each way to a US destination for a small pet travelling in the cabin and US$125 each way for a larger pet travelling in the cargo compartment.

British Airways has a special hold for pets and the cost varies depending on the size of the animal but is usually around CI$900 to fly a cat and CI$2,500 to fly a Labrador sized dog from the UK. Like many airlines, British Airways no longer takes pet bookings directly from the public and insist all bookings are made by specialist pet relocation agents.

Cayman Airways

Cayman Airways will accept domestic dogs, cats and household birds for carriage subject to a number of conditions.

Tel: +1 345 949 2311