Permanent Residency Based on Registration by Entitlement as a British Overseas Territories Citizen

Any child who is born in the Cayman Islands and whose parent subsequently becomes a permanent resident or lives the first 10 years of their life here, may, immediately (or if their parent is not a Permanent Resident) upon their tenth birthday,  seek Registration as a British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) by Entitlement.

All persons so registered have a right to remain in the Cayman Islands for life (and hold a BOTC (Cayman Islands) passport). Applications in relation to children who have lived in Cayman for the first 10 years of life are independent of a parent’s immigration status, and cannot be denied to a child who meets the criteria. This reality is both a reason for the rollover policy and creates an enormous opportunity for the Cayman-born children of those to whom the rollover is not applied (including civil servants and anyone exempted from term limits, including persons married to government employees or even work permit holders).