Work Permits

If you are looking to move to the Cayman Islands and are not Caymanian, or married to a Caymanian, the process is slower. The first thing to do is find a job, or be offered a job, and then your Cayman employer has to apply for a work permit for you. Read on to understand the differences between Full and Temporary Work Permits as opposed to working under the Special Economic Zone and/or being classified under a Student Visa.

Full Work Permit (FWP)

Strict work permit regulations exist to ensure that Caymanians, the spouses of Caymanians, Permanent Residents and existing residents are given preference (in that order) for any position. This can be something of a minefield for the uninitiated.

Temporary Work Permit (TWP)

In appropriate circumstances and upon suitable application, the Director of WORC or her designate, may grant a Temporary Work Permit to an individual permitting them to engage in gainful employment in the Cayman Islands.