Certificates of Direct Investment

Wealthy individuals who are in a position to invest a substantial sum in an employment generating business or businesses in the Cayman Islands, may wish to participate in an incentive scheme intended to attract investors and their dependants.

Such persons may, provided they can demonstrate an investment (or imminent investment) of a minimum of CI$1,000,000 in an employment generating business (or businesses) on the Island, apply to the Director of WORC for a Certificate of Direct Investment.

Approval-in-Principle Certificates which are valid for six months are available prior to applying for a full certificate. Full certificates are valid for 25 years and are renewable. Such a certificate entitles the holder to reside in the Cayman Islands and to work in the business or businesses in which the holder has invested.

The spouse and dependent children (where applicable) of the holder of a Certificate of Direct Investment will, on successful application, be granted a Direct Investment Holder’s (Dependant’s) Certificate, permitting them to reside in the Islands for the duration of that certificate. The application fee is CI$1,000 with a further CI$20,000 payable on issue of the certificate with an additional CI$1,000 payable for each approved dependant.