Tax Advice for UK Citizens Moving to Cayman

You have taken advice, left the UK and arrived in Cayman. You now need to think about dealing with the limited formalities associated with leaving the UK.

Leaving the UK

It is important to let the HMRC know that you have left the UK. We explain how you do that here. You also need to think about how you treat the interest you earn from a UK bank account, what you do with your UK-based pension and any UK rental income (if you are renting your UK house) and how to treat a split year. Read on for more information.

UK Income Tax For Non-UK Residents

For those that think they may still be taxed in the UK we explain who and what will fall under the tax umbrella. We explain what to do if you want to keep, and rent, your UK property after you leave England. And we endeavor to explain what happens if you are non-resident in the UK but you still do business in the UK.


Returning to the UK

If you choose at some point to return to the UK to live, we explain how you go about that in relation to your tax obligations. We discuss whether split year treatment should be considered, and we discuss what happens if you return to the UK within five years of leaving.