Getting Your Drivers Licence

For those who don’t have a full driving licence, the path is fairly routine, but the process is quite slow. First, you have to apply at one of the Department of Vehicle & Drivers’ Licencing (DVDL) offices for an appointment for a theory test of driving knowledge.

Theory & Driving Tests for Non-Licence Holders
If you don’t have a driving licence yet then the first thing you have to do is make an appointment to take the Theory Test. This test consists of 40 questions of which you must get 80% correct. You have 40 minutes to take the test and it is done on a touch screen computer. The test can be taken within two days of making the appointment and costs CI$25, however, if you feel ready for your test, then you can come in and if there is space available, you can complete it there and then. You must take your passport on all visits to the test centre.

To learn all you need to know to pass the written test, the DVDL recommends that you review their official road code booklet which can be found on their website, along with parts of the Traffic Law 2011 and all of the Traffic Regulations 2012. Their website, has a wealth of information on it, including links to all the traffic laws. Additionally, there is a very detailed and well informed driving instruction book called ‘Drive Safely in Cayman’ by Graham Walker, who owns the Cayman Islands Driving School (Tel: (345) 926 2501). The book costs CI$18 in local book stores or you can get it from Graham Walker directly for CI$15. The book is highly recommended and has helped hundreds of people successfully pass their driving test.

Learners Licence
Having passed the theory test, you can then obtain a learners licence for CI$60 which is valid for six months and can be renewed only once before a test must be taken. This licence allows you to drive whilst accompanied by another driver who has held a full Cayman licence for at least one year. When the student driver is operating a vehicle an ‘L’ plate must be visible on the front and back of the vehicle. Check that your car insurance policy covers such a situation. Most insurance companies require that the learner is put on the insurance.

Practical Road Test
After a period of tuition, the practical road test can be taken for a fee of CI$50. You can book an appointment for the practical road test after passing the written test. The road test cannot be taken earlier than six weeks after obtaining the provisional licence. After successfully passing the test, a full, unrestricted licence will be given.

For new arrivals on the Island, if you feel at all apprehensive about driving on the left-hand side of the road or driving around roundabouts, you may find it useful to spend an hour or two with Graham Walker, a local driving instructor. Cayman Islands Driving School has been teaching for many years. Their prime objective is to turn a fair driver into a good safe one. To book a driving lesson call (345) 926 2501 or email: [email protected]. Another option for a driving instructor is Willard Isaacs. He can be reached on (345) 928 5577. All driving instructors must be registered and approved by the DVDL. Look out for their registration sticker.

Note that there is no difference for a driving licence for automatic or standard shift (manual) cars. You can take your test in either type of car and then drive whatever you like. A full driver’s licence will be issued when both exams are passed and a fee of CI$75 for 3 years or CI$125 for 5 years has been paid.