Kids Summer Camps

Welcome to the most comprehensive list of summer camps in the Cayman Islands! At the Cayman Resident, we do our very best to begin our summer planning early! Why? Many parents begin thinking about where to send their children to camp as early as April. We begin to update the 90+ summer camps as soon as the Easter holidays are over. Remember, there is something here for everyone regardless of your age or income.

Cayman has a wealth of amazing summer camps and in the following pages we list a number of Sports & Fitness camps, Cultural & Educational camps and Mixed Activities Summer Camps. There is something for everyone. We have begun updating the camps for June, July and August 2019. The list is continually being updated and added to so be sure to check back so you don’t miss out!

Sports & Fitness Summer Camps

If you have an active kid that loves sports and being outdoors, then you should check out this high octane, fun-fueled summer camp page… from learning to sail and horseback riding to snorkel adventures and dance lessons. Click the Read More button to view all the sporty camps in Cayman.

Cultural & Educational Summer Camps

These camps are geared towards kids who have a thirst for knowledge with a keen interest in cultural pursuits such as dance, music theory and theatre. Other camps found on this page have strong academic programmes and also provide tutoring services in remedial math and English which can help prepare children for the transition from primary to secondary school.

Mixed Activities Summer Camps

If your little one has more than one interest, a mixed summer camp may be the right choice. Many of the camps found on this page offer a full day of fun, mixing a range of outdoor activities such as snorkeling, swimming and outdoor games with more educational activities such as space ‘exploration’ plus arts and craft-making diversions.

Special Offers for Summer Campers!

For those of you running summer camps this year who are looking for freebies and deals on excursions, keep an eye out for special offers such as the reduced entrance fee to the Cayman Islands Turtle Farm ([email protected]) for campers and Scotiabank’s Summer Cine Club for Kids at the Cayman Islands National Gallery (, which is a great summer freebie for kids.

Running a summer camp this year? Please finalise your details asap – As we mentioned earlier, parents begin enquiring about summer camps as early as April. Email us your info at [email protected] or [email protected] and we will include your listing at no charge!

Overseas Summer Camps

Sending your kid to an overseas summer camp is a great way to break up the long, hot Cayman summer and a fantastic chance to expose them to a new country, new children from all over the world and a host of new activities. For more benefits of overseas summer camps and our top camp recommendations, read more.