Whether you’re looking to meet people, make new friends or get more involved in the community, you’re sure to find it. This page is specifically designed for those keen to get involved, broaden their social lives and help you meet like-minded people. In addition, you will find a list of the major events in Cayman’s calendar plus some of the weekly religious services held in the Cayman Islands.

This page will inform you on the wide variety of service and social clubs you could join, as well as all the voluntary organisations which are always looking for an extra set of hands to help out.

Year-round warm weather, and short commute times to and from work, means that people in Cayman can make the most of their leisure time! Also important to note, parents will often meet people through their children’s school or afternoon activities and, for the younger crowd, the local bar scene is very well established.

Each year there are new additions to the community and so our list grows! From hobbyist groups like the CI Photography Club, and service organisations like 100 Women Who Care, Feed Our Future, and LIFE (a literacy initiative), to social clubs, such as The Garden Club and The National Choir, you are sure to find something.

Here you will also find information on ways to live a greener lifestyle at home, at work and when getting around, plus how you can get involved with green community groups.

Finally, there is a list of the various religious denominations in Cayman along with information on who to contact and when weekly services are held and a summary of annual community events on Island.

Social Clubs

With such a broad spectrum of social clubs in Cayman, you will have no problem finding like minded people!

Service Clubs

The civic-minded and socially responsible among us have numerous groups to consider donating their time to.

Support Groups

Listed here you’ll find various support groups in the Cayman Islands.

Charitable & Voluntary Organisations

This section details the voluntary organisations in Cayman that you could become involved with.

Annual & Social Events 2020

Residents are entertained year round with various events celebrating Caymanian heritage and customs. By participating in these fun and social events you are becoming a greater part of the local community.

This section lists the most important annual events that will be held in Grand Cayman throughout 2020.

Being Green

Over the past few years, Cayman residents have made a significant shift towards more eco-friendly thinking, with the public taking steps to build a greener future for the Island.

Churches & Religious Services

The Cayman Islands is a multicultural country with over 200 churches and almost every denomination and faith-based community represented. The following are just some of the services held weekly.