As one of the finest sailing and boating destinations globally, the Cayman Islands feature premiere service marinas dedicated to assisting boaters with docking facilities, buying parts and carrying out repairs and general maintenance. Those intending to visit Grand Cayman via boat can, with advance notice, notify The Barcadere Marina and they can arrange all customs requirements prior to your arrival. Their phone number is (345) 949 3743 or visit their website on

The Cayman Islands are a British Territory and, as such, are a highly regulated jurisdiction with entry to the islands controlled exclusively by C.I. Immigration and H.M. Customs.

The official port of entry for Grand Cayman is the main port on the West coast of George Town and is controlled by C.I. Port Security, who are always standing by on VHF channel 16 for vessels which would like to clear into the country. Without exception, all vessels must contact Port Security on VHF channel 16 once arriving within 12 miles of the islands for instructions on how to proceed. It is entirely up to Port Security to direct you to your clearing in point as determined by Customs and Immigration, and failure to notify the authorities of your arrival in Cayman waters or to comply with Port Security instructions can result in fines and penalties for the vessel.

However, with advanced notice, and timely receipt of relevant documentation, it is also possible to request Customs and Immigration clearance for visiting vessels at the Barcadere Marina, in George Town.

There are four marinas in Grand Cayman, though the Cayman Islands Yacht Club and the Barcadere Marina are more traditional long-term marinas for visiting boats, long-term residents who live on boats or a home for charter boats. Kaibo Marina is great for a day or weekend trip away, and Harbour House Marina is a full-service maintenance marina (as is the Barcadere Marina) which has very few, if any, long-term dock spaces left available. All four marinas are listed here:

Kaibo Restaurant, Beach Bar & Marina

Kaibo is one of the most popular locations in the Cayman Islands for weddings because of its white sand beach, clear water and easy access by boat.

Tel: +1 345 947 9975

The Cayman Islands Yacht Club and Marina

Located in Governor’s Creek on the west side of Grand Cayman, this marina can cater to 166 boats of varying sizes.

Tel: +1 345 747 2492