This section provides a wealth of information on activities, tours and trips available in the Cayman Islands. The attractions are great options for weekend adventures in Cayman, as well as ideas to keep all your guests entertained!

For more details on tour prices, times and promotions, pick up a copy of Explore Cayman, the definitive guide for exploring Cayman, visit the Explore Cayman website, or download the free iPhone or iPad app. For details on sporting activities for adults see the Sports & Fitness section.

Cayman Craft Market

Cayman Craft Market displays the works of local artists and artisans.

Tel: +1 345 949 6999 Email: [email protected]

Hell (Geological Site)

Located in the the district of West Bay, Hell (Geological Site) is a unique natural wonder of Grand Cayman.

Tel: +1 345 949 6999 Email: [email protected]

Pedro St. James

With a multi-sensory movie theatre, an 18th century great house, nature and history trails, lots of green space and NEW local rum tastings at the Outpost Bar - there is no shortage of activities at Pedro Castle!

Tel: +1 345 947 3329 Email: [email protected]

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

Explore the Botanic Park's five themed gardens, woodland trails, a lake and wetlands, a nursery, and visitor’s centre.

Tel: +1 345 947 9462 Email: [email protected]

Stingray City & The Sandbar

Over the years, Stingray City has been covered by National Geographic (as well as many other international magazines), and has become a major attraction for Island visitors.

Cayman Turtle Centre

Since 1968, the Cayman Turtle Centre has released more than 32,000 captive bred and raised sea turtles back into the sea to help replenish Cayman’s wild population.


There are numerous wonderful beaches on Grand Cayman. The most famous is Seven Mile Beach, which runs the length of the western side of the Island north of George Town.

Collier Nature Reserve & Trail

The National Trust founded the Colliers Wilderness Reserve in 2011 with the help of the European Union’s BEST grant-funding scheme.

Blue Iguana Safari

Grand Cayman’s famed “Blue Dragons” are found at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves offers local guides that educate visitors on the history of the caves starting from their creation to when they became the hiding place of pirate treasure. Tours take you through the surrounding tropical forest area and around the network of caverns, culminating in a visit to a crystal clear underground lake. Call (345) 949 CAVE (2283) to arrange a visit.

Guided Bicycle Rides

Cayman Bike Company offers a fantastic opportunity to ride Vintage-style electric bikes. Take the heat out of cycling with their easy to ride pedal-assist bikes. To rent the bikes you must be 14 years or over. For more information visit Eco Rides run a cycling tour around the Eastern District. Call (345) 922 0754 or email: [email protected].

Helicopter Rides

A great way to explore Cayman, get a feel for its size and better orient yourself is to take a helicopter ride with Cayman Islands Helicopters.

Motorcycle Tours

You can enjoy beautiful weather and great scenery, while hitting the road on a Harley Davidson with Cayman Custom Cycles.

Call (345) 945 7433 for a guided tour around the Island, including lunch, or for an afternoon getaway. To ride one of the bikes on your own, you must have a motorcycle licence. If you do not have a licence, then one of the staff will take you on the back of their bike.

Mastic Reserve & Trail

The Mastic Reserve was originally founded in 1992 when 145 acres were donated for nature conservation to the National Trust. The reserve now protects 834 acres of lowland semi-deciduous forest, wetlands and is a core habitat for many of the Island’s unique animals, birds and plants.

The Tourism Attraction Board

The Tourism Attraction Board (TAB) of the Cayman Islands, endeavours to enhance and diversify Cayman’s tourism by providing high quality tourist attractions that display Cayman’s culture, history, flora and fauna. These include Pedro St. James, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Hell (Geological Site), the Cayman Craft Market, and the annual Pirates Week Festival. The board leads and manages the development and preservation of its attractions and effectively administers allocated resources.