Activities for Kids & Teens

This section outlines in great detail many of the activities available for children and teens in the Cayman Islands. With such a tightly-knit community of parents and families, we have gathered advice and information about local favourites to help keep your kids entertained, educated and their schedules busy.

We have covered details on family outings, cultural organisations, sporting associations, sporting events, summer camps, park and playgroups as well as interesting places to visit. Another great resource for when you are looking to book trips for your kids, is the Explore Cayman magazine and website ( Here you will find child-friendly options for family outings, along with pricing, special deals and a great calendar of events.

Family Outings

Cayman’s idyllic weather and diverse community encourage an active lifestyle and there is no shortage of activities to keep the family and little ones busy and entertained. The real issue will be finding the time to do it all.

Sports for Kids & Teens

Cayman kids are an energetic bunch and there are plenty of sports programmes in which to enroll your children. Below you will find a description of each sport and membership information.

Indoor Facilities

When it rains in Cayman it really pours. That’s when it’s essential to know where the indoor facilities are located. Here is a list of fun places to take your children during rainy season.

Outdoor Facilities

There are so many things to do in Cayman that you will be spoiled for choice. Below is the most comprehensive and up-to-date list you will find of outdoor facilities. Go to our page on the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park for information on a wonderful area for nature walk and wildlife. Also see the side-bar for information on the other parks.

Cultural Activities for Kids

Along with the regularly scheduled activities listed in this section, there are many activities for children, throughout the year, in celebration of local traditions and festivals, including Pirates’ Week, Batabano and Cayfest. Check the comprehensive events calendar on Explore Cayman for special youth events throughout the year.


A number of informal playgroups for infants and toddlers and their carers meet on a weekly basis. Read on for details of when and where they meet.

Public Libraries

Cayman’s public libraries are a great place to inspire your children to read and to encourage a love for books.

Youth Groups

YMCA Teen Leaders’ Club, provides teens with leadership training as well as guidance on learning the importance of social responsibility and service to others. There are also a couple of Youth Groups hosted by local churches.