Toys are bulky and better sourced locally, especially as you will constantly be picking up something new to follow the trends and for the numerous birthday parties your child will attend. There are a handful of local independent specialty stores which carry very thoughtful, good quality and educational toys.

Priced Right and Cost-U-Less also carry a variety of toys which change weekly, and occasionally you can find inexpensive gems.

Atlantic Kids

Atlantic Kids is more than just a clothing and toy store. They also sell a selection of books, games and other educational items.

Tel: +1 345 943 2296 Email: [email protected]

Books & Books

An excellent selection of children's books, crafts and toys.

Tel: +1 345 640 2665 Email: [email protected]

Priced Right

Find a variety of brand name toys at warehouse store prices.

Tel: +1 345 815 1070

Bedside Manor

A good selection of toys and gifts for babies and small children.

Tel: +1 345 947 2711

Book Nook

Book Nook is home to an array of toys, books and arts and crafts materials, particularly suitable for children.

Tel: +1 345 945 4686

Tweenage Dreams

Tweenage Dreams in the Cayman Islands offers unique gifts for girls aged 7 to 13 and has the perfect party space in Pasadora Place.

Tel: + 1 345 947 5457