Liquor Stores

Most liquor stores in Grand Cayman are stocked with top brands from around the world. Many also carry rare vintages of wine, champagne and port, host wine tasting events and sponsor major events annually.


You can purchase beer and wine by the case at the larger stores, and also count on expert advice on choosing a bottle of good wine from the staff.

You will also find rum, champagne and vodka, as well as all the mixers, chasers and non alcoholic beverages from the smaller stores.

While there are quite a number of liquor stores dotted around Grand Cayman, a few of the larger stores sell very good, but inexpensive wine. In addition to these stores, there are also wine vendors that will deliver the finest wines from around the world to your door.

Most liquor stores on Island offer deep discounts on a selection of liquors and you can easily purchase several cases of beer from most for that Saturday evening BBQ. A few of the larger stores stock quality nibbles and loads of party essentials such as nuts, cheeses, dips and chips.

Read on for a list of the top liquor stores and wine merchants in Cayman, as well as where to find the best local and craft beer.

Liquor Retailers & Wine Merchants

Grand Cayman has numerous liquor stores and wine vendors spread throughout the island so you will be spoiled for choice. Some retailers offer deep discounts on wine, beer, rum and staggering varieties of hard liquor. Others specialise in top brands and also have rare bottles of wine from around the world as well as various vintages of champagne in their flagship stores.

Local & Craft Beer

Places to indulge in a “cold one” are aplenty here on Grand Cayman. You’ll find your favourite American brews at nearly all sports bars and pubs around the Island. For a good selection of draught Irish beers on tap, head over to Fidel Murphy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant. There are also a number of beers produced locally and a range of international micro brews and craft beers served at gastro pub Craft Food & Beverage Co. Read on for more insider spots for beer lovers!

Duty On Alcohol, Cigarettes & Cigars

Liquor in the Cayman Islands carries a heavy duty which is often reflected in liquor store prices and the cost of drinks at bars and restaurants.

Duty on hard liquors such as rum starts at CI$11.85 per litre. This means that over a third of the average retail price of CI$30.99 for a litre bottle of Appleton VX rum consists of duty.

Duty on table wine is CI$3.60 per litre; dessert wine is CI$5.25; sparkling wine is CI$7.80; champagne is CI$10.80 per litre; sparkling wine is CI$7.80 per litre; overproof liquors are CI$15.98 per litre; liqueurs are CI$13.50 per litre; and duty on beer is CI$1.95 per litre.

Don’t forget to use your duty allowance (one bottle) when you fly back into Cayman.

Liquor store opening hours are usually Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm, however some are open until 10pm.

Liquor is also sold at some gas stations. Supermarkets in Cayman are not licensed to sell wines or spirits.

The duty on cigarettes is CI$42 per carton of 200.
The duty on cigars is 102% of the value of the cigars.
The duty of electric cigarettes is 22%.