Home goods

Whether you’re renting or purchasing a house, most tend to come fitted with a washer, dryer, fridge, microwave, dishwasher and stove. If you are renting, properties are usually equipped with some kitchen utensils, such as plates, cutlery, and pots.

Linens and towels are less frequently provided, however, a great selection of good quality beach towels can be found at Priced Right on Airport Road and Valu-Med Pharmacy on Walkers Road.
Accessories can also make your house really feel like home. All the home centres and many furniture stores carry an interesting range of accessories, such as pillows, lamps, throws, linens and ornaments. Lamps with 110/115 volts and a two-pin electrical plug work here.

Bed sizes in Cayman are all US sizes, not European sizes. This means that a twin or single bed is 38” x 74”, a full bed is 54” x 80”, a queen is 60” x 80” and a king is 84” x 80”. Most mattress brands sold on Island have pillow tops, so deep fitted sheets are a must.


All the home centres like A.L. Thompson’sCox LumberKirk Home Centre and Uncle Bill’s carry a large selection of hardware.

Building Supplies

There are a handful of notable building supply companies in Cayman. It is feasible to build or renovate a house without resorting to buying from overseas. You can purchase blocks, concrete, windows, doors, bathrooms, plumbing equipment, electrical supplies, kitchens, roofing supplies and more on-Island.

Homewares, Accessories, Mattresses, Lighting & Linens

All the home centres and many furniture stores carry a good range of accessories like pillows, lamps, throws, linens and ornaments.

Hurricane Supplies

As mentioned in the Hurricane Tips section, it is very important that you stock up on supplies well before the threat of a hurricane appears on the horizon. Essential food items can be purchased from the major supermarkets.


Dedicated paint supply stores are listed below. However, many of the home centres also carry paint and painting supplies.