Though most condos and houses come fully furnished, personalising your house will always make you feel more at home. Fortunately, there are a number of furniture stores on-Island with a variety of options.

On-Island you will be able to find inexpensive, refurbished, restored and second-hand furniture as well as specialist children’s and baby furniture.

IDG is an award winning Interior Design Firm offering full design services along with two on island retail locations, Home by IDG and Dwell by IDG, that offer hassle free shopping at competitive prices, great quality and same day delivery. IDG has over 65 vendors to choose from and is the exclusive local vendor for many brands.

Other dedicated furniture and accessories stores like Absolutely Fabulous, Marksons Furniture, Sticks & Stones and also Tomlinson Furniture all sell a very good selection. Home centres like A. L. Thompson’s, Cox Lumber, Kirk Home Centre and Uncle Bill’s sell a small selection of relatively inexpensive indoor furniture.

The Nook sells quality restored and refurbished furniture. Children and baby furniture can be bought from Bedside Manor in Camana Bay, Baby Express in Cannon Place, The Baby Shoppe in Alissta Towers on North Sound Road and Tomlinson Furniture Gallery. Second-hand baby furniture can be bought through the EcayTrade website and at Kids Karma Closet. For office furniture and equipment, see the Business Services page.

If you’re moving to Cayman, the best course of action is to first decide whether you will be renting or buying a house. Most rentals come fully furnished, as do previously owned houses and condos. Newly built houses and condos come unfurnished. Many people buy new furniture locally, or take advantage of the booming second hand market on EcayTrade and other local Facebook pages.

If you decide to buy your own home, you can choose to import your personal items (furniture, paintings, accessories, etc.). If you have been here longer than the six-month duty-free window, then you can write to the head of Cayman Customs explaining that you have now bought a property and would like to import your used personal items from back home, and request that the items be brought in duty-free (see the Shipping & Duty Costs page for more information). It is unlikely you will be denied, as long as the request is genuine. This would be subject to any condition that the Collector may see fit to impose. Provide all the receipts so you can prove the items are over six months old, but please note, the items must be used – if the items are new and have never been used, then you will likely be charged duty.

If you decide to buy your own home but don’t have any of your own furniture, then Cayman has great furniture stores as well as extremely talented furniture designers who can build almost anything from scratch, such as wine cellars, book shelves, entertainment centres, stair cases, custom closets and beds, etc.

Furniture Designers

If you’re looking for bespoke made-to-order furniture, then Cayman has an award-winning furniture designer available on-Island.

Restored & Refurbished Furniture

There are a few stores that offer restored or refurbished furniture and accessories. Antique, retro or ‘almost’ brand new furniture can often be purchased for a reasonable price. The Nook specialises in producing quality restored and refurbished furniture and accessories.

Second-Hand Furniture

The second-hand furniture and accessories market is flourishing, and quite frequently, you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the goods found at reasonable prices.

Furniture Stores

There are a number of furniture stores on-Island with a wide variety of stylish furniture and accessories to choose from.