Grocery Stores

All of the major grocery stores on Grand Cayman sell a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, some organic and locally grown as well as fresh fish and a selection of meats. They also have a wide selection of foods from around the world.

Most of the major grocery stores in Cayman have incredible hot food stations for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as lighter fare at their salad bar and deli.

A few of the stores offer fresh pressed juices and coconut water (straight out of the nut) daily. In addition to making it fresh, many of the major stores have a wide selection of ready made plant-based meals and gluten-free baked goods.

Grocery stores can also be a great one-stop-shop for lunch on the run. You can also pick up a free Cayman Good Taste magazine at most grocery stores. Inside you’ll find a great write-up on some of the top lunch spots in Cayman, from sandwiches at Kirk Market’s gourmet deli to the hot bar at Foster’s Food Fair.

Below are some of the top supermarkets in Grand Cayman:

Foster’s IGA

Supermarket and warehouse shopping to suit all your household needs.

Tel: +1 345 945 3663 Email: [email protected]

Bay Market

Bay Market is a division of Foster’s Food Fair- IGA and is a gourmet speciality food store with a focus on organic items.

Tel: +1 345 815 1080 Email: [email protected]

Kirk Market

Kirk Market offers a wide selection of International, gourmet, organic, natural, gluten-free and special dietary foods.

Tel: +1 345 949 7022

Hurley’s Supermarket

Hurley's Supermarket are well known for their fresh fruits and vegetables and have an excellent deli bar.

Tel: +1 345 947 8488