Buying Food in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to save both time, money and the environment (due to less packaging). Useful things to buy in bulk are napkins, toilet paper, kitchen towels and cleaning products.

The following stores also carry canned and dry goods (which are great for stocking up on emergency supplies during hurricane season), frozen meats and seafood and a limited selection of fresh produce, as well as a wide variety of children’s toys, home appliances, ice chests, personal care products, musical instruments, televisions and other electronics, plus well priced office supplies.

Priced Right

They offer warehouse shopping without a membership. Their wide selection allows you to find everything you need for your home and family.

Tel: +1 345 815 1070


Cost-U-Less is located in Governors Square off West Bay Road and is open Monday to Saturday 8am-9pm and on public holidays 8am-6pm.

Tel: +1 345 745 5377

Reflections Food 4 Less

Reflections Food 4 less sell drinks, frozen food, dry and canned goods in bulk and individual sizes.

Tel: 1 345 949 3797