Food Shopping

If you have ever been into a large US or Canadian grocery store, Cayman’s stores are very comparable. They carry most major US and Canadian brands, as well as USDA certified meats, UK brands such as Waitrose and Tesco, lots of fresh fish, shellfish, meats and a variety of vegetables and fruit and local food and produce.

Finding organic food, especially vegetables and fruit, is now very easy as Cayman grows a number of organic crops and fresh organic produce is shipped from overseas. Most supermarkets are very accommodating and if you can’t find something that you miss from home, they will usually order it for you. Make sure to save the packaging so they can get the UPC or bar code number.


All of the supermarkets carry some organic products and fresh organic produce grown both locally and overseas. Along with supermarkets there are many specialty markets and convenience stores across the Island. Each of the supermarkets has different suppliers, so if one store has only green bananas on a given day, you can probably find beautiful ripe ones at another.

All the stores sell very good meat, but the standard and freshness of fish tends to fluctuate between different stores. Don’t be afraid to ask when the fish came in and which is the freshest.

As part of an Island-wide campaign to discourage the use of plastic bags, Foster’s Food Fair, Hurley’s and Kirk Market all charge CI$0.05 per plastic bag if you need to use one. We encourage you to take along your own canvas shopping bags for all your shopping. Canvas shopping bags are widely available for sale at reasonable prices in all supermarkets.

Farmers’ Markets

The farmers’ markets in Cayman are not only perfect for buying flavourful homegrown (and mostly organic) produce at the peak of its freshness, but they are a wonderful place to meet local farmers and people who are passionate about knowing the provenance of their food. Get to the markets early to snag the best produce.

Buying Food in Bulk

Buying in bulk is a great way to save both time, money and the environment (due to less packaging). Useful things to buy in bulk are napkins, toilet paper, kitchen towels and cleaning products.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores in the Cayman Islands are comparable to supermarkets you would find in North America and the UK, although the brands may vary. However, you will find one of the widest selection of international foods in this region. You can purchase foods from South Africa and India to Switzerland and Ireland, which is reflective of Cayman’s multicultural residents.

International Food Products

If you can’t find the Asian ingredients you need in one of Grand Cayman’s supermarkets, you should try the Oriental Market located opposite Anderson Square in downtown George Town.

They stock a wide variety of dry, fresh, pickled and canned pan-Asian goods from China to Thailand. Open Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm and Sundays 10am-12pm. Tel: (345) 949 1109.

They have a second location in Pasadora Place that is open Monday-Saturday from 1pm-8pm. Tel: (345) 947 6000.

Buying Fresh Fish

Almost any day of the week, you can buy fresh fish on the waterfront in downtown George Town next to Cayman Cabana. Fishermen anchor their boats offshore, set up tables on the beach under a canopy for shade and display their catch.

They charge approximately CI$4.50 per pound and sell the fish on the bone, but they will fillet it for you. Ask to look in their coolers, as that is where they usually hide the largest, tastiest fish!

Also, try Harbour House Marina, located at the end of Marina Drive in Prospect. The supermarkets sell species of fresh fish you cannot get from local fishermen, such as salmon (wild and farm-raised), cod, catfish, sole, swordfish, haddock and trout. If they sell grouper please ask first if it is local; eating local grouper is strongly discouraged because they are critically endangered. A better choice is the similarly white flaky lionfish, which is invasive.

Locally caught fish is also sold at Market at the Cricket Grounds next to the cricket pitch on Huldah Avenue in George Town.

Gourmet Shopping

Grand Cayman may be a small Island, but the selection of gourmet foods on offer are first class! You can choose from a wide variety of gourmet foods and fresh dishes at Cayman’s finer grocery stores as well as specialty food retailers. Read on to find out where to shop!

Local Food Products

From Cayman’s internationally renowned rum cakes to a dizzying array of pepper jellies and local fruit jams, there are many locally crafted foods made right here on Island. These specialty goods are unique to Cayman and also make fantastic gifts for family members living abroad. Hit the button below to find out where to shop!