Electronics, Computers & Cameras

Cayman has a decent selection of electronic stores, and has always been a fabulous destination for purchasing cameras.

Electronics & Home Automation

Home automation systems have come a long way. You can now turn your home into a smart home with the capability to link all your audio visual devices, control air conditioning, secure the house and adjust lighting via your smartphone or tablet, whether at home or miles away. The reputable companies listed here can help you automate your home and most carry full ranges of electronic products for the home too.

Cameras & Photographic Equipment

In some cases, cameras and camera equipment may be cheaper in the Cayman Island than in the US or Europe as they are duty-free.

Computers & Peripherals

Expect to pay a little more for computers in Cayman than in the US. However, if you do buy a computer in the US, remember you will have to pay 22% duty on the shipping, insurance and cost of the equipment, when you ship it to Cayman. Also consider that warranties on computers bought off-Island do not extend to the Cayman Islands.