Duty Free

Leather goods and cameras are duty-free as well as being free from sales tax.

(Editor’s note: in this context, duty-free means the Government has not added any import or customs duty to items when they are imported into Cayman, while tax-free refers to the absence of any form of sales tax in the Islands).

Without the mark-up of duty fees, sales tax, GST or VAT Island retail prices can be considerably less than in mainland countries.

When buying products in a duty-free, tax-free market, there can also be pricing benefits that come directly from the manufacturers. Many luxury goods manufacturers fix the retail prices of their products and dictate that retailers do not sell them for less than the prescribed price.

These are typically set according to country or geographic area. However, in duty-free markets, manufacturers will generally allow retailers to offer better pricing than customers might expect in their home market. It pays to shop around, particularly on Saturdays when town is quiet.