Clothing Stores

For a small island, Cayman has quite a few clothing stores where you can find fancy, cocktail and ballgown dresses as well as everyday clothes that will perfectly suit the weather in Cayman. While selection may be slim, you're sure to be able to find something to wear in a pinch!

Children’s Clothing

The beauty of buying kid’s clothes locally is that the stock suits the climate! You will be pleased with the selection, variety and prices of children’s clothing available in Cayman.

Many of the adult stores also stock a selection of kids clothing, such as The Cabana, Funky Monkey and Sand Angels in the Adult Clothing & Accessories section below.

The boutiques at The Ritz-Carlton and The Westin, as well as Divers Supply and Divers World carry good options for kids.

Adult Clothing & Accessories

Grand Cayman has a very good selection of clothing stores that sell both adult male and adult female clothes with a wide cross-range in brands and prices.


There are some good options for buying underwear in Cayman.

Sports Clothing & Equipment

There are several places to buy sports clothing and equipment on the Island. Most sporting stores stock a variety of equipment for a broad range of sports.


There are several places you can buy good quality sunglasses in Grand Cayman.