Buying In Bulk

If you are looking to buy bulk items like nappies (pampers), cleaning supplies, toilet paper, non-perishable food, soft drinks, family-style portions of frozen, canned and dry foods, Cayman has a good selection of wholesale stores. Many of them offer an array of different items, from food to small appliances and furniture to electronic equipment and household items.

Buying in bulk in Cayman allows you to also stock up on dry and canned goods in preparation for the country’s annual hurricane season.  In addition to bulk items, many of these stores sell fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a wide variety of frozen ready-made meals, fruit, vegetables plus meats and seafood in very large, family portions. Buying in bulk also results in a reduction in your monthly shopping trips and expenses.

Wholesale stores in Grand Cayman also sell an array of different items, from home appliances and furniture to electronic equipment and lawn supplies.

A. L. Thompson’s

Home Improvement store providing a wide selection of high-quality building materials, appliances, hardware, and home fashions.

Tel: +1 345 949 8622 Email: [email protected]

Mise en Place

Mise en Place Wholesale offers a cash & carry service from their warehouse in Industrial Park or you can place a bulk order directly.

Tel: +1 345 623 2433 Email: [email protected]

Priced Right

They offer warehouse shopping without a membership. Their wide selection allows you to find everything you need for your home and family.

Tel: +1 345 815 1070