Art Galleries, Locally Made Items & Art Supplies

There are a variety of stores on Island that showcase a variety of different art styles and mediums. This section will tell you everything you need to know about galleries, art supplies and where to purchase locally made goods in Cayman.

Art Galleries

Art galleries in Grand Cayman are extremely good at carrying the work of local artists and craftsmen, such as original paintings, Caymanite jewellery or hand-woven thatch products. The quality is superb and such works have become highly collectable.

Art Supplies

A variety of paints, brushes, canvases, and arts and crafts supplies for recreational use, ideal for keeping the little ones busy, can be found from the stores listed.

Locally Made Items

Cayman has a wonderful community of local artists that is constantly growing! From Caymanite jewellery, hand-woven thatch products and Cayman sea salt to soap products, artisanal jams, hot sauces and sculptures, the artisans in the Cayman Islands have a wide skill set and you will be pleased with the variety of locally made items that are readily available.