Grand Cayman offers a wide range of goods and services from high-end items, to surprising bargains and everything in between.

It is quickly becoming one of the Caribbean’s shopping meccas, and not just for the duty-free items! Artwork, books, toys, cameras, jewellery, household accessories and furniture, are just the beginning of what our shops have to offer.

For high-end clothing or accessories, fashion lovers no longer have to travel abroad as there are stores offering a wide selection of upscale items, especially in the swim and resort wear ranges. Fashionistas who prefer a bargain should not be disheartened, as recently more shops have opened that offer great choices at relatively low prices. Seasonal sales, such as Black Friday, also happen on-Island, so make sure to keep an eye out!

There are a number of shopping centres in Grand Cayman, each offering an extensive variety of shops to choose from. In the central George Town area, many of the stores are aimed at tourists, specifically those coming off the cruise ships. Shops and shopping centres in this area, such as Bayshore Mall and Island Plaza, sell jewellery, art work, souvenirs and beauty products.

Along the Seven Mile Beach strip you will mainly find clothing stores, especially those selling swim and resort wear, salons and a few stores selling books, stationery and craft supplies. The majority of the furniture stores are located within or near Industrial Park, and the major homeware stores are located in the vicinity of Eastern Avenue. Camana Bay is full of shops, from clothing and books to kitchen supplies and shoes. In Savannah, the Countryside Shopping Centre houses a Foster’s supermarket, an A. L. Thompson’s and other shops from healthcare to salons.

While the prices of some goods are more expensive than in the US, there is often a very valid reason for this. Every item sold in Cayman has to be imported either by air or sea; then, Customs charge duty on (most) items at 20% (to retailers) or 22% (to the general public). This duty is calculated based on the value of the goods, the shipping costs, as well as the insurance charged. The items are then displayed in stores that pay higher electricity bills than the US and some also have to pay work permit fees.

Also note that many online retailers may not ship to Cayman and if they do, shipping costs will be high, therefore it is a good idea to consider using a freight forwarder who will provide you with an address in the US and will then forward the package to Cayman. Many of the freight forwards in the Moving to Cayman chapter can help to ship your packages, but Sta-Mar provides great rates for even the smallest of packages.

Please keep in mind that some items cannot be imported into Cayman due to certain laws. For example, all items that depict the cannabis plant are prohibited from entering the Island. However, de-hulled hemp seeds can be bought at Kirk Market because they do not depict cannabis leaf imagery.

See the Shipping to Cayman & Duty Costs page for other considerations and companies that offer freight forwarding.

Art Galleries, Locally Made Items & Art Supplies

There are a variety of stores on Island that showcase a variety of different art styles and mediums. This section will tell you everything you need to know about galleries, art supplies and where to purchase locally made goods in Cayman.

Black Friday Breakdown 2019

Explore our list of the best Black Friday deals for 2019. Whether you’re looking for laptops and cameras, office furniture, home appliances, toys for the kids or jewellery for that special someone, we’ve got it all!

Beauty Products

There is a vast selection of well-known beauty products that can be purchased on-Island. Most salons and spas will sell the brands they use, as well as beauty stores selling a variety of products.

Bicycles & Bike Repair

There is a wealth of bicycles and bicycle accessories available for both adults and children on-Island.

Book Stores & Stationery

As book imports are duty-free, Cayman has a really good selection of bookstores, each selling something different, and it is easy to spend a lot of time browsing and exploring them. Some bookstores also carry a variety of gifts and toys.

Clothing Stores

For a small island, Cayman has quite a few clothing stores where you can find fancy, cocktail and ballgown dresses as well as everyday clothes that will perfectly suit the weather in Cayman. While selection may be slim, you’re sure to be able to find something to wear in a pinch!

Dive Equipment

Diving is a common pastime in the Cayman Islands due to the outstanding underwater visibility and calm sea. There are many small stores and dive centres that sell and rent dive equipment in Grand Cayman.

Duty Free

Leather goods and cameras are duty-free as well as being free from sales tax.

(Editor’s note: in this context, duty-free means the Government has not added any import or customs duty to items when they are imported into Cayman, while tax-free refers to the absence of any form of sales tax in the Islands).

Electronics, Computers & Cameras

Cayman has a decent selection of electronic stores, and has always been a fabulous destination for purchasing cameras.

Food Shopping

If you have ever been into a large US or Canadian grocery store, Cayman’s stores are very comparable. They carry most major US and Canadian brands, as well as USDA certified meats, UK brands such as Waitrose and Tesco, lots of fresh fish, shellfish, meats and a variety of vegetables and fruit and local food and produce.

Buying In Bulk

If you are looking to buy bulk items like nappies (pampers), cleaning supplies, toilet paper, non-perishable food, soft drinks, family-style portions of frozen, canned and dry foods, Cayman has a good selection of wholesale stores. Many of them offer an array of different items, from food to small appliances and furniture to electronic equipment and household items.


Whether you are bringing in the New Year, celebrating Pirates Week or another special occasion, you will find that fireworks play a big part in Caymanian celebrations.


Though most condos and houses come fully furnished, personalising your house will always make you feel more at home. Fortunately, there are a number of furniture stores on-Island with a variety of options. On-Island you will be able to find inexpensive, refurbished, restored and second-hand furniture as well as specialist children’s and baby furniture.

Garden Centres

Throughout the year, florists and grocery stores have a variety of pre-cut flowers and pre-made arrangements. In December, plant nurseries and some grocery stores import Christmas trees and it’s best to order in advance.

Home goods

Whether you’re renting or purchasing a house, most tend to come fitted with a washer, dryer, fridge, microwave, dishwasher and stove. If you are renting, properties are usually equipped with some kitchen utensils, such as plates, cutlery, and pots.

Jewellery & Watch Stores

With elegant stores stocked with luxury designs from Rolex to Bulgari, to small boutiques selling locally crafted pieces, the Cayman Islands is the jewellery Mecca of the Caribbean. Cayman is also a great place to buy jewellery as it can be cheaper than Europe or the US since watches, gems and most precious metals are charged at only 7% and since the Cayman Islands does not have a sales tax.

Liquor Stores

Most liquor stores in Grand Cayman are stocked with top brands from around the world. Many also carry rare vintages of wine, champagne and port, host wine tasting events and sponsor major events annually.

Musical Instruments

The importation of musical instruments are duty-free! Guitars are readily available and come in all sizes. You can also look on ecaytrade to see if there are second hand instruments for sale on there.

Office Supplies

For more information and a list of businesses providing office supplies, visit the Office Supplies & Equipment page.

Party Supplies & Rentals

With every occasion, there is a cause for celebration. Regardless of the size of your event, there are several party supply stores and services available. From themed party supplies, fancy dress costumes, balloons, bouncy castles and water slides rentals to large party supplies like tents, tables, and chairs they can easily serve your needs.

Shoes, sneakers and sandals

Well known brands of shoes and sandals are available in Cayman, but you just need to know where to look as often these brands can be found at clothing, boating or surf stores. As well as shoe stores we list some of the other locations in Cayman which might just sell what you are looking for.

Thrift Shops

There is a good selection of thrift shops in Cayman that all sell a variety of items from clothes and shoes to furniture and home accessories. Thrift shops are always in need of donated items and all proceeds from sales are given to various causes and charities.


Toys are bulky and better sourced locally, especially as you will constantly be picking up something new for the numerous birthday parties your child will be invited to the minute they start school! There are a handful of local independent specialty stores which carry very thoughtful, good quality and educational toys.

Priced Right and Cost-U-Less also carry a variety of toys and occasionally you can find inexpensive gems.