Postal Services

Postal services in Cayman are fast and efficient with the turnaround time for local mail usually being 24 hours. There is no mail delivery to houses and businesses, so PO Boxes are used instead.

There are nine post offices and numerous blue mailboxes located throughout the Islands.

The largest post office branches are the Airport (APO), central George Town (GPO) and Seven Mile Beach (SMB), but there are also post offices in Savannah, Bodden Town, North Side, East End, Hell and West Bay.

The APO and GPO open from 8.15am-5pm Monday-Friday and all other post offices are open from 8.30am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Some offices are open on a Saturday from 9am-12.30pm, except for the post offices in Hell, Bodden Town, North Side and East End, which remain closed on the weekend.

Postage Costs

Local mail: CI$0.25 per ounce.
US, Canada or Central America: CI$0.75 per half ounce.
UK and South America: CI$0.80 per half ounce.
Asia, South Africa, Australia: CI$1 per half ounce.

Post Office Boxes

Since there is no mail delivery to homes and businesses, PO Boxes are always in demand. The cost of renting a small box that can be accessed at any time is CI$75, a medium sized box is CI$100 and a large box is CI$250 per year.

You can also rent a small box inside the George Town post office for CI$30, but bear in mind they are only available when the post office is open.

Private Mailbox Services

Other than the Cayman Islands Government-run mail box and postal service, there is one private mailbox service: Mail Boxes Etc. in Camana Bay. Having a mailbox with a private mailbox company works exactly the same as going through the Government mailbox system with a few added benefits.