Taking care of your pets is not always an easy task and there are a lot of things to take into consideration.

This chapter provides advice on where to adopt or buy a pet, tips on looking after pets in the tropics, details on veterinary clinics, animal boarding and grooming, how to report animal abuse and advice on what to do with your pet in the event of a hurricane.

If you are looking to bring pets into Cayman then look at the information we have in the Importing Pets section of this website which includes details on the import process and restrictions on importing pets from various countries and specific breeds of dogs.


Below are the details for several excellent veterinarians in the Cayman Islands. Some offer 24 hour emergency care and all employ professional, caring staff who will take great care of your pet.

Pet Professionals

Pampering and training your pet can be a time-consuming activity. This section gives details on reliable pet professionals, including dog trainers, kennels, dog sitters and pet groomers in the Cayman Islands.

Pet Passports

If your pet was born or has resided in Cayman for six months or more, it may be eligible for a pet passport. A passport is a useful document to have if you and your pet travel to and from Cayman more than three times a year. For more information contact the Department of Agriculture (DOA).

Finding & Looking After a Pet

Having a pet really makes a house feel like a home. There are plenty of pets available for adoption in the Cayman Islands from rescue centres and from elsewhere. If you are renting your home, be sure to get permission from your landlord as many places do not allow pets or may require a hefty pet deposit.

Lost and Injured Pets & Wildlife

Pets do go missing occasionally, but they often turn up safe. Dogs especially, are scared of fireworks and their natural instinct is to run away, so monitor your pets during frequent firework displays.