In this section we list everything you need to know about getting your water, electricity, gas/propane, television, telephone and internet service up. We also discuss the prices of petrol and what to expect at the gas pumps.


Cayman’s sophisticated tourism and financial industries have ensured that telecommunications are as advanced as those you would find in any developed country. There are plenty of options for mobile and residential phone services, and high speed internet connections, both via fixed lines and through mobile data, are available across all three islands.


FLOW, Digicel, Logic and C3 all offer home-based internet plans with unlimited usage. Generally the upload speeds offered by all four providers are very high. The higher the upload speed, the better the performance for playing data consumption online games and streaming online content.

Mobile & Internet Rates Comparison Table

Here we compare mobile and internet rates in the Cayman Islands between FLOW and Logic.

Television in Cayman

Local residents can enjoy international programming through cable, satellite and broadband. There are also three free local over-the-air TV stations which can be received in all households as long as the TV has an antenna.


Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd. (CUC) is the sole provider of electricity to Grand Cayman. Read more for information on how to obtain electricity service, Grand Cayman’s electricity system, what to expect from monthly electric bills and how to save on it.

Gas – Household

Gas is a safe and efficient energy solution for powering your home appliances. Propane is a non-toxic gas that provides a greener and more economical alternative for a wide range of appliances. By using propane, you can save up to 40% on your energy bill and reduce your carbon emissions by 85%.

Petrol & Diesel

The Utility Regulation and Competition Office (‘OfReg’) of the Cayman Islands confirms that there are 11 Rubis and 11 Esso (SOL) petrol stations in the Cayman Islands, all with attached convenience stores. There is only one independently branded fuel station in the Islands called Refuel which markets ethanol and biodiesel blended fuels. As of July 2019, the average full-service price for premium, regular and diesel fuel were CI$4.97, CI$4.54 and CI$4.59 respectively, although prices vary from one station to another.


Cayman Water and Water Authority – Cayman supply Grand Cayman with quality water. In the case of both companies, water is extracted from deep underground via a series of abstraction wells.