This section provides detailed information on Cayman telecommunications and current monthly costs; how to get a mobile phone, what the different telecom providers offer in the Cayman Islands and where to take your phone for repairs.

Cayman’s sophisticated tourism and financial industries have ensured that telecommunications are as advanced as those you would find in any developed country. Staying connected, whether at home or on the go, has never been easier. There are plenty of options for mobile and residential phone services, and high speed internet connections, both via fixed lines and through mobile data, are available across all three islands.

Choosing the right provider will depend both on the services available in your area and your personal usage. Bundled options from the same provider combining mobile and residential phones, phone and broadband, broadband and TV packages, or three or more services can result in significant discounts.

It is worth noting, however, that due to the small population of the Islands, the costs of broadband, residential and mobile phone services tend to be quite a bit higher than in Europe and North America.

Telephone Services

Every provider in the Cayman Islands must be able to provide local and long distance telephone services. All the mobile phone providers offer an International Direct Dialling service and depending on your plan rate, prices are often comparable to those for fixed lines.

Telephone Service Providers

The following companies can provide you with telephone services in the Cayman Islands.