Running Your Home

In this section we give the most comprehensive advice on setting up a home in the Cayman Islands. Everything from setting up your utilities, maintaining a home in Cayman, how to service your A/C, organise cleaning and domestic help, who to call for painting services, or a locksmith, plumber or electrician.

We also advice exactly how to get your electricity, water and telephone connected up, and how the Government-run waste disposal and recycling system works. Finally we discuss pest control and give an overview of home security in Cayman – what to think about and what to consider. And of course so much more!

This section will literally hold your hand as you set up a home in Cayman and will make the whole process much much easier than you thought it would be!

Maintaining Your Home

Many find that the quality of services, selection of homeware stores and the expert contractors found on Grand Cayman compares to those of major cities in North America. From furniture stores and carpenters, to home security companies and landscapers, Cayman living can be a breeze. But there’s just one catch – living in paradise is not cheap! Almost everything that you may want for your home must be imported from overseas. Luckily, there are ways to avoid financial haemorrhage when maintaining your home: ask your friends for recommendations and shop around before choosing a contractor or service provider to ensure that you’re finding the best rates.

Cleaning Services

At some point you might find yourself needing the help of a professional cleaning service to give your home a proper, thorough clean. Fortunately housekeeping services are an affordable luxury in Cayman and there are a number of reputable cleaning companies which offer various residential and commercial services.

Domestic Help

Many families employ domestic help either on a full-time, live-in or part-time basis. Helpers are employed primarily to do housework, cook and care for children and pets. You can often find someone via word of mouth on Facebook forums such as ‘The Real Women of Cayman’, ‘Hope of Cayman’ or ‘Caymums’ or you can try an agency.

Maintaining Your Garden

If you live in an apartment complex, the strata will generally take care of garden maintenance. Homeowners not a part of a strata can seek landscaping services from one of the many companies in Cayman. Alternatively you can maintain your own garden. Equipment such as lawn mowers and fertiliser are available from most home centres.

Sewage & Wastewater Treatment

Residents who live along the main West Bay Road corridor and some of the connecting neighbourhoods are served by the Island’s only public sewerage system which is operated by the Water Authority – Cayman (WAC). Residents located outside of the West Bay Road sewerage system area have their wastewater treated in an on-site wastewater treatment system, typically located on the same property as where the residence is located. On-site systems are septic tanks or aerobic treatment plants.

Waste Disposal & Recycling

The Department of Environmental Health (DEH) (Tel: (345) 949 6696) is responsible for all waste management and recycling in the Cayman Islands. Residential garbage is collected once per week on Grand Cayman, while commercial garbage is collected based on the needs of the individual business. There are also recycling drop offs around the Island. Continue reading this section for more information on waste management in the Cayman Islands.