Window Treatments

Many people consider window treatments— e.g. curtains, blinds and plantation shutters— to be just a component of interior décor; however, the right window treatment can be so much more. In fact, quality window treatments not only add significant value to your home, but it can also reduce your overall energy bill.

The sun is a relentless force in the Cayman Islands, which makes keeping homes cool a challenge. Additionally, if the windows in a home are not adequately protected from direct sunlight, it can have a devastating bleaching effect on vibrant colours in furniture, rugs or more critically, prized family photographs and expensive artwork. Therefore, covering your windows will not only ensure privacy, but it will also protect the interior of your home for years to come.

For those on a budget, window treatments are a great way to give the impression that your home has been professionally decorated. Using the right colours and materials can really make a room pop. A strong trend now is using sheer fabrics, as they throw light and shadows into a room. This creates a beautiful effect, making even small rooms appear large and airy. Blinds, particularly Roman blinds, are a very practical choice for Cayman’s tropical environment and will compliment any minimalist room perfectly.

In terms of colours, sometimes choosing a neutral colour scheme is a smart decision. Quality, custom window treatments can last for years which mean a neutral shade can withstand several design changes in a room. However, if you want a bold new look for a room, you may want to use primary colours like green or blue or you may even go for a geometric print for an edgier feel.  Whether you prefer blinds, shutters or curtains, it is important to focus on quality just as much as style.

Below is a company that specialises in a wide variety of window treatments for the home.


Edies’s Decor

They sell custom-made blinds, shutters and curtains, and they offer upholstery services. They also sell and install flooring products.

Tel: +1 345 949 6348 Email: [email protected]