Real Estate, Rentals, Home Improvements, Building & Running a Home

Finding a slice of paradise to call home need not be such a challenge. In fact, if you are lucky enough to live in the Cayman Islands, finding a home should be one of the more exciting tasks on your to-do-list. There is such a diverse selection of properties available in Cayman— from high-end luxury offerings to those on the more affordable end.

Value-wise Cayman compares very favourably to other Caribbean Islands, especially taking into consideration our high standard of construction which is not always offered regionally.

Real estate companies are also numerous, so there is an ample roster of local professionals to assist you with your search for a rental or something to buy.

Real Estate

Buying a property in Cayman has many advantages, not least that if you are staying for some time, mortgages tend to work out cheaper than rents over a three to five-year period. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate if the property is for personal use and there are no annual property or capital gains taxes. If the property is rented out as an investment then no tourist tax is payable if the property is rented to residents. Cayman’s Land Registry office enables transfers to be relatively quick and simple.


In this section you’ll find valuable information about renting a home or apartment in the Cayman Islands. Also listed are helpful tips on starting your search, related costs when you rent in Grand Cayman and also a list of realtors who specialise in renting homes and apartments. You can also click on the web banners below to browse the available rental listings from local realty companies.

Home Improvements

Making regular improvements to your home can be a necessity when living in Cayman; the harsh elements— sun, salt, wind— are relentless. Yet, improving your home is also about adding value to your investment, whether it is a simple do-it-yourself project or a full scale renovation.

Running Your Home

In this section we give some guidance on how to run a home in the Cayman Islands. A lot of it is very straight forward and probably common sense but we do give inside information on the domestic helper/nanny scene (how much to pay them etc), we discuss how to maintain your property and garden and even suggest shade trees that are indigenous to Cayman.

Building a Home

This section will provide prospective home owners with detailed information on the various approaches one can follow when building a home in the Cayman Islands, including the associated pros and cons on things that need to be considered.