Having a Baby in Cayman

If there is the slightest possibility that you or your spouse might be having a baby during your period of employment in Cayman, it is essential that you read this section. In this section we describe in detail what is involved in having a baby in the Cayman Islands: we give an overview of the general environment, we list all the OB/GYNs, paediatricians, pre and post natal classes, etc.

There are many things to consider and plan for when having a baby in the Cayman Islands. Most importantly we describe the legal requirements for registering your child with the Cayman Islands Government, how to go about it, how to get a passport (essential especially if the child is born during hurricane season), the law surrounding maternity leave, and finally how to go about getting your newborn named as a dependant on your work permit. If your child is not added as a named dependant to your work permit you will not be allowed to keep your child on the Island with you.

Preparing to Have a Baby

Anyone who has ever had a baby in Cayman will tell you it is a lovely place to be pregnant. Apart from having access to the sea, people are generally very considerate and the medical care is fabulous.

There are also lots of young families, so even if you are far from home, the community is very supportive, and there are many opportunities such as playgroups, help from nannies or helpers and support from many other sources.

Having a Doula at the Birth of Your Baby

Most first time mothers find the prospect of childbirth extremely daunting. The fear of the unknown and knowledge that births aren’t always straightforward lead many women to employ a doula. Doulas provide non-medical support to women and can be invaluable in providing knowledgeable and emotional support families during labour and childbirth, and the postpartum period. You should book a doula six – eight weeks ahead of your due date so you have an opportunity to meet with them and discuss your birth plan.

Jacqui Smith and Tana Walters from RVC Rehab Services are both qualified doulas. Call them on (345) 949 6024 to find out more about how having a doula present at the birth of your baby can help you.

Baby Whisperers also offers doula services from a registered maternity nurse. Call (345) 324 1380 for more information.


When you fall pregnant, the first thing to do is to choose either a private specialist doctor (OB/GYN) or register at the Women’s Health Centre at the Cayman Islands Hospital for antenatal care.

Where to Have your Baby

In 2017, CTMH Doctors Hospital re-opened its maternity ward, offering four dedicated private maternity suites with two birthing beds. Additionally, the Cayman Islands Hospital (CIH), which is part of the Government’s Cayman Islands Health Services Authority, is home to the longest standing maternity ward on Island and is located in George Town.

You can choose between using a private doctor or having your baby under hospital midwife care. If you decide on the latter option, you should register at the Women’s Health Centre in the Cayman Islands Hospital as soon as possible.

Therapies – Before and After Pregnancy

A holistic way to take care of yourself during pregnancy is through therapies such as chiropractic treatments, physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture. Since the body is constantly changing during pregnancy it is important that you maintain optimum levels of health and strength.

Maternity Leave & Childcare

The Labour Relations Bill (2015) provides for a minimum maternity leave allowance of 14 calendar weeks in any 12 month period.

After Having a Baby

The moment after having a baby can definitely be overwhelming… and that’s before you’ve even left the hospital! This section is dedicated to easing your way into motherhood on Cayman. Here we recommend good doctors and dentists for your new arrival, point out some great baby and toddler playgroups, along with advising on the best stores for baby food and baby clothes for your newborn.

Baby/Child Passports & Visas

Obtaining a Passport/Visa for your child is probably the last thing on your mind after giving birth, but on a small island, you never know what kind of emergency can arise needing you (and the family!) to suddenly leave the island.