Dental Care

The level of dental care available in Cayman is sophisticated enough to minimise the need to travel overseas for specialist treatment.

There is a wide selection of dentists and orthodontists practising in the Cayman Islands. The level of dental care in Cayman is sophisticated enough to minimise the need to travel overseas for specialist treatment. The cost difference between government dentists and private dentists can be considerable, but there is often a waiting list at the hospital. Some work can be done at the walk-in clinics, such as extractions and dentures.

Health insurance plans don’t always cover dentistry, and the coverage can vary. Orthodontics are not always covered, however, if your plan does provide for it, a lifetime maximum is often stipulated. Pain management treatment combined with orthodontics is available on-Island. Currently there are 11 private dental centres in the Cayman Islands employing 34 registered dentists providing preventative care, corrective treatments, orhtodontics and dental surgery.

General Dentistry

General dentistry includes preventive and corrective care of the teeth and gums. Preventive care involves fluoridation, teeth cleaning, x-rays of the teeth, and inspection of the mouth, gums and teeth. Read more for further information and contact details of the general dentists on-Island.


Orthodontists treat irregularities in the positioning of the teeth (alignment and occlusion) and jaws.

Children’s Dentistry & Orthodontics

A family dental practice will treat every member of your family according to their needs and age. They will make your children’s visits fun and comfortable, as well as encouraging you to take an active part in their oral care.

Paediatric Dental Specialist

A paediatric dentist has done additional specialist training to care for the oral health of children from infancy to the teen-age years. Their training includes knowing how to deal with children and their behaviour, as well as their dental development.